Shahar Ben Naim hy"d

Full Name: Shahar Ben Naim hy"d

immortalize in you synagogue

Dear gabbai, we invite you to take a murdered person to remember in your synagogue

To place a memorial sign in the synagogue in his memory and lift his spirit, for example, it will be written: The holy activities in the ‘Ulam David’ synagogue will be for the upliftment of the soul of so-and-so son of so-and-so, who was dedicated to the sanctification of God with God’s help. Simchat Torah events and the Iron Swords War in 2023.

1. Memorial plaque measuring 30 cm x 40 cm.

2. A set of Chumash, Siddurim, Tehillim’s, and Mishnah with a personalization.

3. A branded parochet for the synagogue with the name of the murdered.

We will contact them to coordinate the details

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