Every murdered person has a synagogue!

Dear gabbai, we invite you to take a murdered and remember him in your synagogue

To place a memorial sign in the synagogue in his memory and lift his spirit,

For example, it will be written: The holy activities in the ‘Ulam David’ synagogue will be for the upliftment of the soul of so-and-so son of so-and-so, who was dedicated to the sanctification of God with God’s help.

Simchat Torah events and the Iron Swords War in 2023.

  • Each synagogue will receive a kit containing:
  1. Memorial plaque measuring 30 cm x 40 cm.
  2. Set of Chumash, siddurim, Tehillim’s and bookmarks with personalization.
  3. A branded leaflet for the synagogue with the name of the murdered.

Kareena Prithika

Sergeant Shlomo Rashtnikov

Benyaho Biton

Corporal Lior Azizov

Avraham Sassi

Lior Asulin

Sgt. Naria Ben David

Idan Adri

Captain Adir Abodi

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